During Kieran's time training at Arts University Bournemouth he has appeared in adaptations and interpretations of works such as Pillowman, As You Like it, Richard II and As If. 

Kieran was part of the Yvonne Arnaud Youth Theatre Group as a child & teenager being lucky enough to perform in a variety of productions such as Oliver! Bartholomew Fair and the original musical at Edinburgh Fringe 2015 - The Escapade of The Burmese Burglary. 

He was also part of Woking Theatre Company performing in Fringe and Drama Festivals across England in plays such as On Love and Grimms Fairytales. 

Kieran has completed Gold Arts awards and LAMDA Bronze, Silver and Gold - achieving Distinction in all. 

Kieran has been lucky enough to explore directing alongside his acting training and has directed and produced many projects and performances with his job at Stagecoach Poole and his theatre company Head To Toe Theatre. 

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Rehearsal photos from As If  by Seb Harcombe. Kieran playing Celia. 
COMING UP IN 2018/19

Kieran is currently rehearsing with his theatre company Head To Toe Theatre for their original production of He Taught Me which will make its public debut in March 2017. Kieran is hoping to tour a two-man adaptation of this original show at Fringe Festivals and local theatres around the South Coast. 

Kieran was lucky enough to work as Stage Manager with award winning playwright and Trustee for The Globe - Nell Leyshon. Working towards an original theatre performance focusing on people's lives and true stories about surviving rehabilitation and and looking at parenthood and how it shapes us. The show 'The Vodka Hunters' had a run of six shows at BEAF - Bournemouth's Fringe Festival. 

Kieran performed in his final graduate show with Arts University Bournemouth at Pavilion Dance South West in an original devised production of Fermented Honey - a Physical Theatre adaptation of Gabriel Marcía Márquez's novel Love And Other Demons. Directed by Lee Hart and the company. 

Kieran has also been approached to direct a project in 2018 that is fully funded and linked with Arts University Bournemouth. More information will follow soon.