Head to toe theatre company

Head To Toe Theatre was founded by Kieran Luxton in March 2017, based in Bournemouth, UK. At 20 and only halfway through his degree in B.A. Acting, Kieran recruited 6 performers, an Artistic Director, Make-Up Artist, Stage Manager, Photographer and many more in order to create the HTT team. 

HTT work closely with people and the community in order to tell true stories that deserve a platform within society. People's true stories are explored through the medium of theatre, music, film until a final product has been created through a workshop approach. 

HTT have created two original productions - He Taught Me, a stage production about domestic violence in a same-sex relationship and 'mint', a short film demonstrating what it's like living with Anorexia and Bulimia. 


In 2018, further work with He Taught Me is being developed and a new short film and schools educational programme/workshop called MAN UP! coming in July/August.

HTT are expanding their work by beginning educational workshops within schools across the UK. These workshops consist of teaching students how to approach movement improvisation and using their bodies to explore and communicate with each other. 

Alongside this, based in Bournemouth/Dorset HTT lead pop up work shop session all over in order to work with the community in offering theatre to those it is not accessible for. 

Interested in people and their stories along with the community, HTT are excited to offer workshops and sessions. If you are interested in finding out more about HTT's educational and community theatre workshops please head to our CONTACT page and get in touch! 

Love difficult - march 2018

Love difficult looks at the story of self-acceptance and not needing validation from anyone. the pressure of having to force yourself to love someone because thats what is expected. learning how to feel

powerful in silence and solitude


he taught me - may 2018

A domestic abuse relationship gets out of hand for a young boy in his first same sex relationship with someone much older. manipulation, power and guilt. learning how to find your voice and strength through realising your weakness is really your strength


gayboy - 2019. 

coming to theatres and fringe festivals in 2019. keep your eyes on this page for more information soon. 

education & community

GAYBOY 2019 

The company are currently in pre-rehearsal planning for their brand new original piece. 

More information to come soon. 

who is who?

love difficult - improvisation rehearsal